How to redecorate your room

General Tips


After living in the same house for years, you would feel boring with looking at the same wall, same photos. You may think about repaint your room or simply hang new photos or pictures on the wall. But how about creatively redecorating by some tips that I promise after you read them, you will want to stand up and run to the closest convenience stores to spend your money.

If you are a good painter or have artistic gene that would be easy. Just grab some painting brushes and color then you are free to draw anything you like on the wall. For me, I did paint Totoro, Paris street scenery and lotus in different rooms in my house.

I suggest to try with painting tree as it is really simple. You should use a good painting brush and use pencil to sketch out outline. For painting a tree, start from the tips of the branches and thicken the line as you move forward to the body of the tree.

If you are not good at painting or drawing, but you still want to have your own pieces of arts on the wall? Then I have some suggestions for you. You can choose to paint some shadows.

  • First step: print the images on A4 paper (such as: birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, etc.).
  • Second step: cut them (do it carefully as you will use as models to line)
  • Third step: Stick them on the wall with tape or glue ( don’t stick them too adhesive as you need to peel them away after lining).
  • Fourth step: carefully draw the line around each image that you stuck on the wall, the take those images away.
  • Fifth step: paint over the line draw with black color.

For everybody who love photos, it would be a good idea to decorate the room by using photos. Instead of wasting a huge amount of money on photo frames, you can just simply stick them on the wall randomly or in heart shape, maybe star shape. Some people put sting-light around those shapes to create twinkly effect at night.

Living room makeover


Those recommendations can be easily applied for all the room but do you think it is too ricky to draw on the wall of living room – the heart of a house? Thinking about renewing the living room, it is about time to invest some money.

  • First of all, think about the color. What color do you want to use? Red for warm feeling or green for creativeness or going for all white color. You can balance red with white, green with gray. When you want to go for all white, but you’re afraid that your living room would look like a hospital then try different textures or fabrics and using “50 shapes of white”.
  • About lighting: it depends on the location and your preference. Before thinking about lighting a room, you need to consider what is the main purpose of this room? Different purposes demand different lighting system, for example, if you spend a lot of time watching TV on the living room, you should carefully place nearby lights to avoid TV glare or distraction. Light up 3 among 4 corners of the room and focus on a object such as painting, bookshelves or plant. Combine table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights to generate as much light positions as possible for reading.
  • It is always beautiful to have some trees or inside the house either big or small, many or some. You can hang them up or plant them in a small pots. Terrarium is enjoying a bit of favorite at the moment, the terrariums require less time and effort to care. They can survive and grow in indoor condition (with no or little direct sunlight) and there is no need to water them frequently.
  • A lot of people enjoy decorating their living room with books. A large bookshelf should only be use for big living room. For small one, wall shelves are better choices by saving space for other usages. Some DIY ideas of bookshelves from the Internet would be useful, they will add some unique features to your room.

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