Things To Think About For Best Air Mattresses

Which air mattress to pick for the best?

* There a great deal of different air mattresses to chose from, and the number to pick from seems to increase year after year. Sometimes there can be such a thing as too much choice. Exactly which air mattress or blow up bed you finally decide to buy could well depend on whether it is for indoor use or outdoor, perhaps both.

To buy online or buy in store?

* Sometimes the best available prices for air mattresses just like many other items are available for online purchases. Buying online is fine as long as you know exactly what you want to buy, and if it is clear what you are buying. At least if the product descriptions for air mattresses or beds are clear enough you can make an informed decision about the best one to buy.

* If you are still confused looking online then perhaps you are better off going in store to ask for advise before buying an best air mattress.

Things to look out for

* The material that the air mattresses and beds are made from. As a rule the material used to make them is durable, making most air beds suitable for camping and outdoor use. Whether made from nylon, PVC, heavy duty vinyl or rubber the mattresses are hard wearing. Heavy duty vinyl is the material that is usually the best for air mattresses to be made from. That is especially for mattresses that will be used outdoors and for camping. All these materials are really strong and mean that it is really hard to ruin them.

The air chambers

* The secret of air mattresses being comfortable is whether or not they contain air chambers. Air chambers make mattresses better to lie down on, so if buying online check if air chambers are mentioned. Traditional air beds did not have such chambers so were not as comfortable as the newer ones are.

* Air mattresses with two air chambers were at one point the deluxe variety to buy. Now you can buy mattresses with three air chambers called tri-zone air beds and these are designed to be extra comfortable.

* Tri-zone air beds are better for double mattresses as both people can be comfortable, they can even have a control on each side so one half of the bed can be firmer or softer than the other. The air chambers are split so as to provide extra support to the head, the body, and the legs respectively.


* Foam serves useful purposes in air mattresses, they make them more comfortable whilst protecting the mattress from getting punctured. The thicker the foam then the more comfort you will be in when you are sleeping on the bed. The thickness of the foam gives a good indication of the quality of the air bed. Better mattresses tend to have better quality foam, and more of it too.

Pump it up

* Most air mattresses now come with an air pump included, and some are now even self inflating, which means you do not have to remember to take the pump with you. You can still buy pumps separately so if you do not like the pump supplied with your mattress you can get a different one. There are battery powered pumps, electric pumps, foot pumps, and hand pumps. These days pumps are either virtually silent running or only give out a quiet hum. The older electric pumps used to be really loud, until noise limiters were put on them. Foot and hand pumps do sometimes require a fair amount of physical effort to blow up the beds. Battery powered pumps, self inflating mattresses, and in car adapters can all be useful when you are going camping and there is no mains electricity.

Easy to deflate, inflate, carry, and to store

* Pick an air mattress that is highly portable, and not one that takes up a large amount of space even when it is folded up. The best air mattress is one that is really easy to deflate, to inflate, portable enough to carry, and stores without taking up space needed for other things. There are plenty to pick from, so hopefully you will chose one that is comfortable and easy to use.

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