Enjoy your family vacation with best family tent for 4 people

Have you decided to enjoy nature this weekend and then want to equip for your family vacation? First purchase top of the list is a family tent for camping. It must be large enough to accommodate at least 2 adults, 2 children and luggage. In another word, you should buy best 4 person tent with following features: well ventilated, well waterproofed, easy to assemble and not too expensive. Of all the models on the market Coleman has a collection of best family tent for your choice that we will mention it at the end of this article.

Choose a family tent

As you know, the starting point of selecting equipment for your family vacation is the choice of a tent. The offer is wide and prices vary greatly. Here’s how to choose your family tent.

According to Leo Bernard Viger, a counselor at Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), the choice of a tent depends first on the type of camping you do, how often you make and the number of people it can accommodate.

For example, a family of two adults and two children go camping by car in summer only, should seek a three seasons tent of 4 to 6 people. In this case, the weight and the small size of the tent should not be purchasing criteria as the tent will not be carried in a backpack when hiking.

Purchasing criteria

There are 4 criterias for major purchases to consider when buying a three seasons tent for the small family.

1. The space

There are no standards to determine the number of people a tent can accommodate. So do not rely solely on the numbers of people reported in the description of the tent. The best way to ensure that the space of the tent for you, is to come to the store and explore the interior.

If you go by car, as the weight is not a criterion for purchase, you can afford to choose a larger tent that will be more comfortable. Remember to consider the space you need to store luggage.

2. The ease of assembly

There is no secret, you must set up the tent in store to see if it can be easily assembled or not. According to Leo Bernard Viger, it will take twenty minutes or a bit more for the first assembly and ten minutes less for the following installation if you have two people.

3. The impermeability

To prevent infiltration of water, choose a tent whose flysheet down to the ground to protect your family members. A floor which goes back on the canvas walls of the tent also provides better protection against the rain.

Finally, to make sure your tent is waterproof; the seams must be sealed completely. If you do not see transparent tape sealing the seams, get a small bottle of sealant for about $5.

4. Ventilation

For added comfort, grab a tent that offers good ventilation.

There are two main elements:

– The volume of air in the tent. The more air the tent has and therefore the less condensation the tent suffers.

– The proportion of net relative to the tissue of the cockpit: The more mosquito net over the tent shall be broken.

Finally, small air traps on the fly also allow superior ventilation.

5. The price to pay

Expect to pay about $60 for a tent four sustainable good quality, well maintained and waterproofed regularly. It will last for about fifteen years.

Now, take all above criteria into consideration, we recommend you a tent from Coleman. As all of you may know, Coleman is a well-known brand name in tent manufacturers. Their products are not only durable but also flexible. Most of them are easy to assemble and tear down. As the result, Coleman’s tent price is normally higher than other tent in the same range. One of their family tent products is COLEMAN HOOLIGAN 4-PERSON. Check how to assembly this tent here. Coleman hooligan 4-person provides a complete protection in the worst conditions. This tent is easy to carry and have exclusive WeatherTec system that keeps safe.

Now, we hope you have found out the solution for your family vacation this weekend. Hope you have enjoyable and experienced vacation!